Meet Sandeep from INTO Marshall


After earning an undergraduate degree in information technology and working for a couple of IT companies at home in India, Sandeep Kobaku decided to further his education and dive into the field of computer science. That ambition put him on the path to INTO Marshall University.
“I wanted to improve my skillset and knowledge in computer science through a master’s degree from a reputable university,” says Sandeep. “I have always known computer science programs are very strong in US universities.”
Sandeep attended a recruiting event INTO was hosting in Bangalore for prospective master’s students and found it very useful in answering his questions. Following the event, he researched INTO’s partner universities and found that Marshall University’s program was the ideal choice for his desired curriculum and budget.
In Spring 2016, Sandeep started the 1-Semester Graduate Pathway program in Computer Science. He took three core computer science classes during his Pathway program, which puts him in a good position to complete his master’s program in two years. This month, he’ll return to the Huntington, West Virginia, campus as a fully matriculated graduate student after only one semester in the INTO Marshall program.
“Applying to the INTO Marshall program allowed me to enter into one of the best computer science programs even though I wasn’t proficient enough in my English language skills to enter directly,” he says. “The English classes during the INTO Pathway semester were like a training program that helped me to become very comfortable with academic writing and communication in English.
“The INTO program has been like family to me far away from home,” he says. “They helped me with every question I had from campus information, on-campus jobs and much more. The INTO Pathway semester has been a great experience and I would strongly recommend it to everyone who needs extra training in English.”
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